Professional experience

Hey! Welcome to my site.

With the exception of this page, the rest of the sections showcase the work I did during university and then some game jam prototypes.

I am a gameplay programmer currently working in the game Killsquad by Novarama, which can be found in steam in its early acces stage Here. Or just take a quick look at on of its trailers:

Killsquad is a top-down action game where my job is mainly taking care of the enemies. This means everything from programming the abilities with the Gameplay Ability System framework to regularly interacting with the art team to integrate their animations and particles. Being a big fan of game design, I am also very involved in it, and after the theme and shape have been agreed with the artists I talk with the designer in depth to help decide what the enemy should do and how its attacks will work.

Due to the size of the team, it’s common to not be focused in a narrow field and tackle varied tasks. While my main focus is working with and integrating animations/particles, I have worked with materials, widgets and plenty of gameplay mechanics. Killsquad is a multiplayer game so I have dealt a bit with Unreal 4s net system, specially when reworking main character abilities, but the hard work was already done by the time I arrived.

Now, if you are like me, a flashy trailer where you can barely see actual gameplay is not gonna satisfy you, so here there is some gameplay: