Ball&Puzzles (Agile development)

This prototype was built more to learn Agile development techniques than to make the prototype itself. More specifically we worked as a team of three using Scrum. First each team member came up with an idea and a very simple prototype, and after that we chose one and started planning. We would plan task and estimate them for sprints of 3 or 4 weeks, and meet and discuss how the work was going once a week rather than everyday, due to this being just one more class at university rather than our main focus.

Download here what we managed to build, or check it in the video below:

To make this prototype I worked in collaboration with Jon Diego and Aitor Gandia. To keep things simple and focus on the agile techniques instead of the work itself we used Unity, in contrast to how most of the projects at Digipen are developed from scratch using graphics libraries such as Opengl.

My work:

As I said, this project was more directed towards learning some Agile techniques, and so it was light in workload otherwise. Nevertheless, this is what I contributed:


From the raw prototypes we presented in the beginning, I was lucky to have mine chosen to expand on. Because of this, I was always taking a very active part on how the game should work, and built some levels as well.


I worked in the blocks behaviors, consisting mainly in keeping track on when they should be destroyed and which other blocks they are related to. Also some other details changing types, multi-type blocks….