Fast Food (4th year)

Fast Food is a 3D fast paced action game developed in Unreal 4, in which the main mechanic is moving through rails while dodging obstacles. The game development just recently ended, and the final videos and downloadable game will be up soon.Meanwhile, you can get a feel for the game by watching the video below:


  • PLAYER: My main occupation has been the player which was built mostly in C++. I have made basically everything except for handling its animations and the original spline movement code. Meaning:
    • Expanded the core behavior of rail movement by Borja Portugal. The most notorious example being to add an extra layer that iterated over the expected new positions while moving on the splines to compensate for the imprecision on the parametrization of the curves.
    • The controls in its many states such as in the air, in rail, blocking…
    • The transitions between them
    • Special actions such as switching splines interpolating with curves or the jump that keeps following the rail
    • The shooting control, not the raycasting for the shooting but the handling of the aim in the screen.
  • CAMERA: Once the camera man left the project about mid-development into it, I assumed control over it, which was built in blueprints. The tasks I tackled in here where:
    • A debug mode to look at the player from anywhere or free it from it and navigate the level separately, while maintaining control over the player.
    • Modifications over an existing trigger for the camera, adding to it the possibility to make the camera look wherever we wished relative or free from the player. In order to focus the players attention on important elements or make tricky spaces where the camera behaved poorly look better.
    • Twiked many parameters and functions of the original blueprints to adjust it to the evolving state of the game.
  • Minor interactive elements in the game such as the speed boosters.