Stoneheart (2nd year)

Stoneheart is the first project I worked on that did not consist solely of programmers, and thus it represents my first steps towards working in a realistic game development environment.

It is a 2D platformer that tries to innovate a bit by giving the player the ability to shoot arrows which he can then teleport to. Download it here to try it for yourself. Or check the video below:

My work in Stoneheart


  • I built a 2D tilemap editor to build the levels. The parabolic arrow shooting implied a lot of testing and redoing for the terrain to work properly, specially in the puzzle segments. So we needed an editor to easily and efficiently iterate.
  • Implemented a variety of different behaviors such as the moving platforms, triggers, doors….


At Digipen Bilbao there is no designer degree, and so in the student projects someone from the art or programming department needs to take charge of it. In the case of Stoneheart, that was me. The highlight in this part I would say is the way movement is enhanced by the teleport arrows and how the challenges presented make the player use them in different ways to overcome the obstacles, whether it is by moving faster, get through seemingly impossible doors or avoiding enemies.


We moved the game a bit around, and luckily it picked the interest of some people. Here there are the events where we had the chance to show our game to the world:

Finalist – Best student game at Gamelab Barcelona 2016


Finalist ā€“  Best Basque game at AzPlay 2016


Finalist ā€“ Best university game at Fun&Serious 2016