Teotl: Rise of a God (3rd year)

Teotl was the first 3D game I worked on, and definitely the one to show me how annoying cameras can get to be. It is an exploration puzzle game. Judge for yourself if the result was any good by downloading it here. Or simply check the video below:

 My work in Teotl


I worked as a gameplay programmer for this project, taking part on the implementation of the various powers of the player and elements in the levels. I also supervised that the gameplay was being transferred from design to code as intended and helped manage the corresponding tasks.


Similar to what happened in Stoneheart, there was no proper designer in this project, and so I worked on it together with Jon Diego. We devised the different abilities that the player would acquire throughout the game and came up with two levels to challenge his understanding on them.


I took part in the the level building which was done via 3ds Max, and then imported via custom tools to the game. I also participated on the camera placements in the levels, since the camera was moved by triggers in many places specially in the first stage.

It is a shame that due to this being our first 3D game, the initial planning was far too inaccurate. This ended up costing us some of the interesting ideas we wanted to implement in the game in later plan reconstructions. Here you can see some of the tests we did in an early prototype:


Once again, as happened with Stoneheart, we were granted the opportunity to present our game in a couple of events:

Finalist – Best student game at Gamelab Barcelona 2017


Finalist –  Best Basque game at AzPlay 2017


Finalist – Best university game at Fun&Serious 2017